Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Aftermath!

After almost four days of continuous raining and after typhoon Ondoy hit the city, our place became like a gigantic Olympic pool. The entire city was almost covered with water. Many families were rescued on top of their roofs because of the flood. Many properties has been damaged and many lives has been lost because of typhoon Ondoy. This is one sad story that we will never forget for again it creates havoc to our life. May this experience will serve as the lesson for everyone and that is to respect nature because we don't know when nature will hit us back. When things like this happen I realize how important the insurance is in our life just like the motorhome insurance because we never know when bad things will happen to us. It is better to be proactive than regret it later.

More than anything else, we should all pray especially for those who were greatly affected by typhoon Ondoy. We can also help them by giving donations like clothes, food, clean water and medicine.

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