Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Typhoon?

It's just a week over when Manila submerged into high waist water because of typhoon Ondoy. Many of the places in Metro Manila is still suffering from typhoon Ondoy. A lot of families are still homeless and are still staying in evacuation areas and yet another typhoon named Pepeng is now in the country. Forecast said that it could be a super typhoon and when I heard that all I can do is to prepare myself and prayed so hard that God will spare us. Two typhoons in just a matter of week is too much especially for those victims of typhoon Ondoy.

But what can we really do? It's the nature speaking to us. Waking us to look after the mother earth or we will suffer at the end. This is I think a wake up call for everyone to really take care of our nature and to always be prepared in any given circumstances. Let us all pray that God will spare us from this stormy weather and that to always keep up safe.

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