Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bloopers in NAGA

After the tiring travel all the way from GOTA Beach Resort to CAMSUR Wakeboarding Council then to Naga, I and my honey decided to eat our dinner at one of the restaurant inside SM Naga after we checked their available POS systems . It was already about 9:15 pm when we finished our dinner. We thought that the mall will actually closed at 10:00 pm but then when we were about to get our luggage in the package counter of the mall we found out that all the entrances were all closed. We don't know what to do and I and my honey were running to and fro just to get someone that will help us get our luggage. We were lucky then because the main entrance were still open and so we approached the guard on duty if we can still get our luggage and pronto the guard radio the luggage personnel to bring all our things in the entrance. Whew! What an adventure. LOL!

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