Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Count your BLESSINGS

Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng created havoc to many filipinos. Many of my "kababayans'" are still suffering for the damages that typhoons created. But of course life itself should not stop there. Never stop hoping but instead take all of these as a challenge in our life and in our nation. When you are feeling so down and don't know what to do, count your blessings and you will realize that it is still worthy to live on.

God never abandoned us. He is always there waiting for us to call Him and ask for His help. He is a good God and He will never do anything to harm us. Faith is very essential because without it we will never see the goodness and kindness of God.

Life itself is a big blessings for us because it means there's still greater chance for us to improve our way of living. Lift up your trust to God and ask for His help and I'm sure He will answer. It may not be today or tomorrow but I know He will answer in His own time.

Thank you dear God for all the blessings!

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