Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the midst of CRISIS

Look how tough filipinos are. No amount of problems or challenges can make filipino people down. It has been tested through the years. Yes, life in the Philippines are never been easy. It's always as if you are in a rat race. No matter how hardwork you give it's never been enough. But I proud to say that filipino do not give up easily instead we fight the battle of life.

Once again thousands of filipinos are facing the greatest challenge of life and that is how to stand up and move on after the storm. We did cried for the lost of life and properties because of the typhoons that entered our country. Many families are still stranded in evacuation centers because the water in their area is still waist high. But life does not stop there. We continue to move on and touch one another's life to borrow strenght from one another.

As the water continue to subside our hope arise. We all know that there's always sunshine after the rain and God is always at our side to guide us and help us.

Let us help our nation, let us help one another!

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