Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chat with my Bespren

I had chat with my bestfriend who is currently living in Texas. Gosh, her son Sammy grows so fast. I've seen all the videos she uploaded on the web through her netbooks and I'm just so glad to see every milestone of our little Sammy. Soon he will grow bigger than me. LOL! I just wish that I can visit them one day and spend sometimes with them. I miss my bestfriend especially in times when I have no one to talk to. I remembered those days that we used to hang out, to dine in, to travel or even just to watch the latest movie. Now she has her own family and I'm just so happy that my bestfriend finally found the man of her dreams. I always pray for her happiness and seeing her radiant face in webcam sent so much warm to me. I really hope one day we will again see each other in person and I can't wait to meet her family as well. May God always bless them.

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