Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm happy for you Bespren!

I just got a letter from my best friend saying about the good news. Wow! I'm really happy for her. Ops, I cannot tell you yet what's the good news all about because she is planning to announce it on Christmas eve and I will let her do the honor of telling the good news to everyone. Sorry, but I cannot spoiled it. LOL! Anyway, aside from that we also talked about her travel to Hawaii and how the medical travel Mexico made it so convenient for them. I've seen their pictures and I just love every picture that she shared. Her son Sammy is growing fast and goodness looking good as he grow up. She has a very beautiful relationship with her husband and actually their travel to Hawaii is a birthday gift for her by her hubby. So sweet right? I'm just so happy about my bestfriend. She is a picture of a very inlove wife and a very happy mom.

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