Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm just so happy because I finally get my license as insurance agent yesterday. Now, I just need to find time to attend the series of trainings dedicated for agents. Some of the trainings though is not really required but I still wanted to see so that I can get as much information as I can. This will also help me in closing the deal. I'm done reviewing some of the good products that we have and I even get my own term life insurance quotes since I'm planning to buy one. It is a good investment and even if I am already a policy holder I still wanted to get one of the products that I really like when it comes to investing.

Though I'm not really planning this to do in full time, being an insurance agent has an advantage. First, you will learn firsthand a lot of products that the Insurance Company is offering. Second, there's a potential income once you close a deal. And of course third is that when I get insurance for me it will be easier for me to decide which since I know the product and the happy things about that is all the commission will goes directly to my pocket. I get the insurance as well the commission. Looks good, right

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