Thursday, November 19, 2009

Message from God

I believe that God communicate with us in so many ways. So everyday I always look for my message from God through my facebook. Today, I just got this message. This is very right. Maybe what I'm going through right now is just one of His barriers for me to get the reward that I been praying for. I always believe in the power of prayer. It is one of the best way to talk with Him. I hope this time God will grant my prayer and that is to be able to talk with the one I truely love. I already miss him so much. I know how busy he is and so I always pray that God give him ample time to rest and that he may be able to get back his strength every day. Most of all, I always pray that he is always happy and in good health.

Aside from that, of course I always pray for my mom and dad and for all my siblings and their family that God always protect them from any danger and may all of them will be happy no matter how hard life will be. I also pray for my friends that God will answer their prayers.

I also pray for myself that may God give me the courage, the wisdom and understanding for me to be able to accept whatever trials tha I might encounter along the way.

May God bless us all.

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