Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Everyone wanted money, no doubt about it. Even I wanted that and I'm not denying it. Many said "money is the root of all evil". Do you agree? I think it depends. Money will only become the instrument of evil if you allow it to be. Why not do the other way around. Work hard and use the money to help yourself and to help others, that way you know that money becomes an instrument for you to become closer to God.

I'll tell a story about my past. Way back in my high school life I learned to live without a single penny in my hand. For four years I don't know what money is all about. Of course I know how it looks like and I know that you needed it to purchase something. But since I studied under the scholarship program of Sister's of Mary School where everything was provided I don't need to hold any amount of money for my day to day living.

Life inside were so simple. We have our daily routine but most of that was dedicated for our studies. There I learned the value of friendship and I got really good friends that no amount of money can buy. One of the things that the Sister's of Mary thought me is my strong faith to God and the value for one's life. I also learned that your happiness starts within you. Peace of mind and the love for one's life is one of the greatest sources of your true happiness. But alas my friend because you cannot bought it to any of the supermalls worldwide.

After four years of being secluded in the loving care of the sisters I decided to work to jumpstart myself. I don't want to bug anyone including my parents and siblings for my welfare. That was the start of my journey in life and that's when I learned how to work hard just so I'll get money. I start with what the Sister's of Mary gave me and little by little added some more. I value every cent that I earned. I value the things I purchased from my Hudson jeans to my cellphone and to my own home.

I respect how money works but I see to it that money does not control me. I work really hard to become what I am today. I know how to work hard for a living and it's a shame on my part to lay down my future to someone else hands because I should be the one defining my future. I respect every single cent because I understand clearly how hard it is to earn money.

These values still lie within me. I will not trade myself or my future just because of money. I know how to work hard to have a decent life. Money isn't everything. It can make or break you and it's really up to you. I still wanted my own peace of my mind. I want to have a good sleep every single night and it will only happen knowing that I did not harm anyone. I deserve to be happy and you too deserve to be happy as well.


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