Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Footwear!

Since I don't have class today, I decided to clean my house. I'm planning to scrub the floor with soap and water and so I need to move some of my things for easy access. I have many shoes including my favorite Dansko footwear. Since I still have plenty of time, I started cleaning all my shoes and I found out that many of my leather shoes that I'm not able to use for a year were all covered with molds! It's not good news because some of those shoes are still new. I just bought them when I still have work because it's on sale and really fits me. It's hard for me to find shoes that will fit my feet and most of the time I got the last pair. I really felt bad when I learned about that molds but I'm also glad because at least I still can save some of my shoes.

You really have to clean your shoes regularly even if you are not using them. Storing your shoes for a long time without bothering to clean or even check it might caused the molds to easily grow and worse destroy your shoes.

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