Friday, November 20, 2009

The problem in being ADULTS

I was disturbed by a loud cry of children last night. I immediately came out my house to check what it was. Oh dear, two kids were fighting over the things I don't really understand. Another kid were asking them to stop but I think they wouldn't just stop. I'm about to interfere when their parents came out and stopped them. Whew! What a scene. But you know the amazing part? After just awhile when things were already okey I seen them playing and laughing again as if nothing happened.

It's not the case for adults like us. We tend to focus on the things that has been done wrong to us either with our friends, loveones or even our neighbors. Since we focus on the bad things we tend forget the happy memories and the good things they've done to us. Worse, we never forget the bad things and the tendecy is for us not to forgive. Crazy, right? But it's true. Many of us do things like this because we only focus on the things that hurt us most. Why not think of the good memories when you were still with that person? Why not instead of counting her/his mistake look back what happened and analyze the situation why you get a fight with her/him?

I'm an adult as well and one thing I regret is keeping the pain in my heart. It took me years before I finally get over the pain and looking back I hope I did not keep it instead I just forgive him for the pain he caused me. Well, those were the years of painful memories. I learned from them that's why I don't want to keep excess baggage in my heart. I just want to live happily and free. I told myself that as long as I'm not angry and as long as I did nothing wrong my conscience should be free of any guilt and I should peace of mind.

Free yourself from any anger and enjoy life to the fullest. Avoid excess baggage and you will see how easy life can be.

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