Friday, November 20, 2009

Travelling in Rough Roads

Life is a constant journey. Along the journey you will meet a lot of people. Some will cause big impact in your life, some will just tickle you a bit and some doesn’t really care if you exist. That’s actually how life becomes so interesting. I met a lot of people with my previous schools, work, and neighborhood and even through technology like internet.

As you grow your network becomes big and becomes a bit complicated as well. The hardest part of the journey actually is when you get too involved to another person and enter in another dimension you called LOVE. It’s another battle of life and very complicated to begin with but mind you this makes your travel more exciting. You look forward each day to drop by and tag along that special person and wish each day you will always have the same itinerary and the same drop off points so that you will have a chance to talk or to be just with him.

Complications start when FEAR comes out. Fear of losing the one you love, losing your job or fear that someone will not accept you for what you are. It’s when you really feel that you are travelling in rough roads and just wish that there’s rv towing that will help you out smoothen your journey. I even wish that things too when I feel that the road seems too rough for me.
Rough roads is the reality of every journey because you will not enjoy the smoothness of the next road if you never gone through the rough one. You will never appreciate life if you never taste the sorrows of it. Travelling in rough roads is what makes us tougher. It help us build our confidence and help you enjoy life to the fullest.

But to be able to go through the roughness of life’s journey you need to get over with your FEAR and learn to open your heart to LOVE, TRUST and FORGIVENESS. God did not promise that life will be easy. He just promised that it will be WORTHWHILE.

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