Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vincent's visit to PHILIPPINES (Week 1)

I know! I know! I should write this article long time ago since hon-hon’s visit to Philippines is almost a week over. Well, the fact is that I can’t really construct a word to tell how his vacation goes because it really saddened me knowing that he is now again 135,000 miles away from me. I still have to reprocess myself about that fact because I been used to his presence during his 3 weeks vacation. That was one of my best weeks so far. But how it goes seems like a magic and that moment begun last October 19, 2009.

I was so excited to meet Vincent, my hon-hon in person. I been inlove with him since the day I said I love him and seeing him and talking with him face to face was just one of the most unforgettable moment in my life. I even thought that we will both felt stranger with each other during our first face to face meeting. But what the heck, I love this person and I really wanted to meet him in person, aside from the fact that I promised him to be at Ninoy International Airport even before his flight landed. True to my words, I woke up at around 4:00 am and headed to NAIA at around 5:30 am to avoid the morning rush hour. Hon-hon’s arrival was 8:35 am and I reached NAIA at around 7:00 am. I didn’t mind how early it was and how long I am going to wait for Vincent because I’m really excited and a little bit tense that day. This is it! I thought.
When his airbus finally landed at NAIA I waited patiently at the arrival gate. It took him a little while to finally come out but when I see him I know that it was him. I was waving at him but because he was busy checking his luggage which has been taken by one of the airport porter, he almost did not noticed me until I reached his hand and hug him. It was brief acquaintance because our taxi was already there, but nevertheless, it was a very warm acquaintance that as if we been seeing each other for years already. All my worries flew away when I finally hold his hand. I was so thankful that he had a safe flight and he was able to reached Philippines and seen me.

We headed to Copacobana hotel and enjoyed a day there before we finally went to my doll house in Cavite where we used as our base since most of the time we were on travel visiting one provinces to another. I enjoyed our first dinner date at Itallianes in Mall of Asia. It was one of our best dinners together. We also enjoyed the band at Padis Point which was also located at Mall of Asia. Our first day ended the way we wanted it to be. We were both happy and the excitement level never cease.

Then the following day said to be one of the long journey for Vincent because it took us almost 2 hrs to reached doll house. We went out with my friends and enjoyed the acoustic singer in Eduardo’s. The most unforgettable moment there was when my hon-hon took my hand and danced with me. It was one of the magical moments that I ever felt. Vincent just doesn’t know that he just did one of my wishes! Yes honey, you made me feel so special that day!
The following day seems to be a rest day for both of us but when the night came, we had a videoke night at Rod’s house, one of my friends in the subdivision. We really had a good laugh that time. I scored 97 at first then hon-hon score was 2. I was laughing so hard but then the second round was I think his time to shine, he scored 93 while my score was 1! Oh dear, it was a fun night with my friends. We didn’t go out but we still had fun.

It was October 21 when we finally went to my province in Bicol. It was long ride because it took us 10 hrs. to finally reached our destination. But no matter how tiring and how long our journey was, it’s still one of the best journeys we both had. Why not? When “maliliit na gagamba” was there to amuse both of us. We really enjoyed the journey because we were both a teaser and a joker. We compliment each other so much. But things was not always the same because when we finally reached our place in Del Gallego there was a power shortage that made the whole area seems so dark. I can sense that Vince was a little bit tense but he still managed to meet my parents with smile. I also felt ashamed because my parents weren’t able to provide a decent meal for him on his first dinner with us. I couldn’t blamed my mom because I knew that she wanted to give her best welcome for my hon-hon but since she don’t have any idea what to prepare she end up to a very ordinary meal. My honey didn’t really mind it or maybe he was just too shy to let me know. One thing I knew was that, it was one of the low times for him and he didn’t expect it to happen especially in my own place. I didn’t expect that too.

I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt that there’s something wrong and when I saw hon-hon was up too I was right that something was not alright. One of the things I appreciate with Vincent is his being so honest on what he felt. We were able to talk that night and so before we went back to bed I know somehow he was relieved. The following day was a busy day for me and hon-hon. We set-up a bbq party to gathered all my close relatives and to have a chance to meet Vincent. It was supposed to be a small party but it turned out to be one big bbq party. We had beers, videoke and acoustic guitar c/o my uncle. The celebration went so well and everyone was happy with the meal. Hon-hon was happy too because finally he was able to have a chit chat with my parents, my siblings, my cousins, my uncles and my aunties. My relatives were also happy to met hon-hon.

After the tiring day, it’s time to move to another place again and since we were already in Bicol we decided to drop by at Naga City and visit CAMSUR Wakeboarding Counsel as well as the Gota Beach Resort. We had fun at CWC as well as at Gota Beach Resort where hon-hon enjoyed the wave. My youngest sister Chin joined us in CWC and in Gota Beach Resort where she also enjoyed the beautiful scenery. After that it’s time to travel back to Cavite and since it will take us longer hours in the bus we decided to eat first at SM Naga. We deposit our luggage’s at the package counter then scout for the restaurant to eat our dinner. We enjoyed our dinner so much not worrying about the time since the waiter said that the mall will close at 10:00 pm. Our mistake was, we did not asked the package counter’s personnel on the time they were going to close so when we were so supposed to get our luggage the department store were already closed! We run back and forth and tried to catch the store manager that we can ask for help because if we were not able to get our luggage that night we don’t have to choice but to check in to one of the hotel there and wait until the mall opened the following day. But thanks God because we were able to get all our things and were able to get a bus ride going back to Manila. It was a very long journey again but me and hon-hon just went on.

Opps, not over yet! There’s still more to tell. See you in our week 2 drama. LOL!

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joy said...

hi sis! looking forward for the part two of your vacation with your hon hon. i'll be attending alone but i still haven't bought my ticket. i really hope meron pa. i'll be buying next week. ikaw rin po, ingat palagi.