Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vincent's visit to Philippines (Week 3)

The last week of Hon-hon's visit were really a mixed of emotions especially for me. I am happy but in times that I think his vacation will soon ended, I can't help but to feel sad. But Hon-hon is just one of those amazing person that I met. He knew how to comfort me and to make me feel alright and so even in the mid of sadness I still enjoyed our last week together. So here’s the glimpse of what happened.

Our ferry going to Cebu will actually depart Bohol sea port in the afternoon and so we still had time to enjoy our late breakfast at Blue Sky Resort. Since it was still early to pack up hon-hon decided to take a dip at the pool. I was so envy with him actually because he was really enjoying the water but then I already had enough water so I decided to go back to bed after a few photo shot for Hon-hon. I set my alarm to 11:00 am just in time for packing then dozed off easily. When the alarm rang I immediately woke up and called the attention of hon-hon that’s about time to pack up. Goodness, I think he really enjoyed the water because he asked for another 15 mins before finally leaving the water. Whoa!

I started packing so that when hon-hon come back packing will be much easier. I am almost done with one of our luggage when he finally came in and took a bath. We finished early and we were still able to eat some before finally checking out. It was so convenient going to the sea port as well as checking in. The ferry departed Bohol at exactly 2:30 pm and arrived Cebu around 4:00 pm. I think I still need a sleep that is why I easily dozed off as soon as the ferry started moving while hon-hon enjoyed reading the newspapers that he brought in. One of the things I really like about hon-hon is his ever caring nature. When he knew that I’m cold, he gave me his suit to makes me feel warm and let me sleep all throughout the journey.

The sun was almost out when we finally get out the port and when we were about to call a taxi we seen the driver of the van for our hotel pick-up. We were just so glad because we don’t need to worry going to and fro. We were mesmerized with the beauty of Cebu as we pass uptown and downtown. I can describe it as City with discipline. Hon-hon feel inlove with the place and we were so glad that we been there. We checked in at Crown Regency Residence Hotel in Cebu. The hotel is so lovely and homey. The staffs are so accommodating and so helpful. We feel at home again the moment we set our foot to our room.

After checking in, we decided to look around and see where we can eat our dinner. Since it was still early, we decided to go to SM Cebu and look for a restaurant that we can dined in. There’s so much to choose and we end up at Gerry’s Grill because we wanted to have some kind of Filipino food. We had a good time during our dinner and as usual we can’t end the night without having coffee. After eating at Gerry’s Grill we had our coffee at Café Laguna. Oh wow! The ambiance and the people were just so good there. We had our cappuccino plus an Ube Ice cream. It was so funny when hon-hon said that Ube is blue and I said nope, ube means violet. Hon-hon said no and so we end up asking the waiters and waitresses at Café Laguna. It was really fun game and of course I won. Hahaha!

After that, we headed to duty free to ask if they have Malboro lights since hon-hon wasn’t able to purchase it at the supermarket due to unavailability. Hon-hon asked me if I would like to come inside of duty free as well but I said no and I just seated at the available chair outside Duty free with a handful of our groceries. I was still sitting comfortably when I noticed hon-hon was looking for me. I waved my hand and smiled at him but he just frowned at me and walked so fast that after a while I didn’t know where he went. I thought he got mad at me that was why he walked so fast. Since it was already past 9:00 pm and the mall was about to close, I thought he headed to the exit area and so I headed there as well but I did not found him there. I begun to panic with the thought that I lose him. Why I can’t see a tall man there? Where did he go? That was one of my thoughts. I was so afraid for every minute that I’m not able to find him. I begin my search and tracked down all the places we went through. When the mall started to get dark and almost empty, I had no choice but to go out and search every exit point around the mall. I was walking round and round trying to find him but I didn’t found him. I was crying while walking and praying that he get a good taxi driver going back to the hotel if ever he decided to leave the mall. I was so tired and decided to sit at the corner of exit 2 of SM Cebu. I thought that I will take a rest for awhile then begin my round again to check once more if hon-hon was there. I will wait until 11:00 pm and if I was not able to find him that’s the time I’ll go back to the hotel and hoping that I will find him there or if not I will ask the hotel personnel to help me find him. I was so afraid that time and been thinking of so many things. I was so tired and stressed out and praying while sitting at the corner of exit 2. I was just so glad when I finally saw hon-hon. I don’t know how to react that time. I wanted to cry, to shout, to get mad, to just hug him. But at the end, I just felt so relieved that I was able to find him.

In fairness to hon-hon, he did not really get mad at me just like what I thought. He just thought that I’m still playing game with him and so he just went with the plow. He even thought that I’m just playing hide and seek. He went right going back to supermarket for his Malboro while me went straight thinking that we were going back to the hotel already. Since hon-hon thought that I was playing he thought that I’m just around the corner and I will show up any moment. But when it took about 30 mins that he was not able to saw me, that’s when he realized that we went in separate ways. He also looked for me and he also tracked down all the places we went just like what I did. He also did the round check in every exit of the SM Cebu while informing the guards there to let him know if ever they find me. I saw how worried he was. He was really sweating when I finally hold his hand. He too don’t how to react but when he saw how worried I was and that I was crying he gave me his bear hug and said not to worry because he was already there. I just feel so glad and so relieve being inside his arm. He even sing the famous “maliliit na gagamba” just to cheer me up. Since I was still in shocked “maliliit na gagamba” can’t help but to attacked him. It was supposed to be a punishment but we end up laughing because of that. Oh dear, this was one of the things I will never forget as long as I live.

I was just so glad when we went back to our hotel together but because I can’t still think of anything, I can’t help but to just hold hon-hon’s hand on the fear that I might lose him again. He was laughing and always reminding me that it will not happen again. I know he meant every word he said. That night still end up happy and unforgettable.
The following morning was a busy one. We had all day set for our City tour. We went to Basillica de Sto Nino and offered our prayers to the infant Jesus. We also offered a candle and whispered our wishes. I prayed for a long lasting relationship with this man I truly love and that God will continue to guide us as we decided to grow our relationship. I don’t know though what’s hon-hon’s prayed for but I know it’s always for the good one. Right in front of the church is the Magellan’s Cross. We just took some photo and went directly to Cebu Heritage. Cebu Heritage is one amazing work of art. It shows a lot of things in the past. Then after that we went to Taoist Temple, the holy place for the Chinese community. It is also an amazing place. When we entered the place, it’s as if we been to China.

Since it was a holiday all the museums that we were so supposed to visit was closed and so we decided to go to Cebu Mountain View. Being up there was a different feeling as well. The place is overlooking the entire city of Cebu and there are a lot of things to see up there as well. We enjoyed the ride and place. We had our own moment there and we also had picture taking there. After the tour, we went back directly to our hotel to de-gas and freshen up. It was almost 5 in the afternoon when we reached the place. We just took a rest and had our shower and went out again to look for a place to eat. But since it was still early, we decided to see a movie. Hon-hon chose the movie about Michael Jackson. I thought I will not enjoy the movie but I was so wrong. Me and hon-hon were actually dancing with the tune of MJ’s music. It was a great time to unwind. After that we went to we ate our dinner at Lai Garden Restaurant. The experience was not really nice because we don’t like that place so much. After our dinner we look for coffee shop again and enjoyed our after meal coffee. There we got a chance to really talk. It was amazing because we didn’t even notice that it was getting late. We enjoyed the night by just talking.

It was our last day in Cebu but since our flight was late in the afternoon we decided to visit the museum that we were not able to visit like the Casa Gorordo and Basillica of Cebu. We were just so glad we did it because there are lots of things to look inside the museum. I always wanted to go in museum because it gave you a better view how it was like before. You will learn a lot of things about the fast by just simply reading and looking at those momentous. Hon-hon is one great historian as well, he knew a lot of things about the Philippines. I actually learned a lot from him.

Time flies so fast It was time to bid farewell to the Queen of the South. Our flight going back to Manila took off at around 6:00 pm. After checking out at NAIA, we decided to dropped by at Mall of Asia and have our dinner in Itallianes for the second time. Eating at Itallianes is always been a great experience for both of us. We both enjoyed our food. After the dinner we took a cab going back to Cavite and we were more than thankful to hit bed and ended the day.

November 4 already and it was hon-hon’s last day to enjoy the Philippines. We took it lightly. I cooked a longanisa and scrambled egg for our breakfast. As usual, it took awhile before we left the table because we just enjoyed talking and talking. That’s one of the things I miss about hon-hon, he such a good conversationalist. I never had a dull moment with him. After our meal we went to SM Dasma and settled all our bills. We also did not forget to thank the lady at Travel Point who assisted us to get a very reasonable price going to Bohol and Cebu. We had chitchat with her before finally had our coffee break at Mocha Blend. We enjoyed our Cappuccino and since it was raining we decided to cancel going to Tagaytay for hon-hon’s Buko pie. I felt so heavy already because I know that hon-hon will be going back to Ireland the following day but hon-hon just knew how to occupy me. We still had a great day.

When the night came me and hon-hon together with my friends enjoyed the night in Eduardo’s. Hon-hon can’t just keep his feet off the ground and so when my favorite song begun to play he can’t help but to ask me to dance floor which I happily obliged. It’s always giving me a different feeling every time we are dancing. It was one of those happy moments we enjoyed together. Although the night were amazing, ended so fast. We had a great time on our way home but I can’t help to feel so sad. I know that parting ways was inevitable. I can’t help but to cry that night and I knew that hon-hon felt so sad as well. What really settled me was his promise to be with me always and to work together to make our relationship better. I wish it will be for the rest of my life if that’s possible. Well, it will be possible if we will both work it out together. Right?

November 5, 2009, we get up early because of his flight. We need to be at the airport before the traffic build up. We still had chance to ate our breakfast together. I tried my best not to show any tears because I don’t want to leave with a heavy heart but God knows how I feel that time. It was one of those moments that I don’t like but I need to face. I love him so much and seeing him going was one of the saddest parts of his visit to Philippines. Bus as I said that it is inevitable, every vacation has an end but it doesn’t mean that it will end the beautiful relationship that we started. There are so many things to look forward and we had just done the first part.

It was a beautiful experience. I feel so love and taken cared of with the man I truly adore. I’m looking forward for his next visit.

Thank you hon-hon for the experience and for all the love you shower upon me. I thank God for your safe journey here. I love you so much and I can’t wait for your next vacation.

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