Friday, November 13, 2009

Vincent’s visit to Philippines (Week2 )

I told you it’s not over yet. Highlights of his visit were actually at week 2 and 3. Why? Well, that’s basically the weeks dedicated for exploring and for the both of us. Week 1 of his visit was really more on meeting people especially my relatives. It was also fun but it’s more exciting if it’s just between the two of you. LOL! Are you excited to know? Well, I’m excited to tell every single details of his week 2 visit.

Here it goes… After the Bicol escapade we need to travel back to Cavite and since we started our journey in Naga City we travelled by bus for almost 11 hrs. door to door! That was actually happened after the long chase of our luggage. We were still on shocked but we have to catch the bus going back to Manila. Honey was so lucky because we were able to get an aircon bus which also has a very comfortable seat. He was able to stretch his long legs while we were on the road. Problem occurred when the aircon gets colder and so we pulled his pajama set out of our luggage and wore it!

We were about to take our ride going to Cavite at Lucena’s terminal but since it was only 2:00 am we decided to continue our journey all the way to Manila. Good decision though because it was almost 5:00 am when we reached Manila and safe enough to get a cab going to Cavite. From the drop off point, we still need to travel going to Baclaran for us to be able to get a bus going to Cavite. It was an easy ride from the drop off point going to Baclaran but when we reached Baclaran we encountered street guys who were not so kind to us. What we did was we just ignored them and we were just so glad to catch a bus after almost 30 mins standing there. I knew that somehow hon-hon was just keeping his patience intact. Whew! What a longgggg journey but thanks God we reached doll house safe and sound.

Hon-hon immediately hit the bed after de-gassing while I did some of our laundries since I cannot sleep anymore because it was past 8:00 in the morning already. I was able to finish the laundries and was able to cook our food when hon-hon woke up. Now I had seen the smile on his face. What a sight! We had our lunch together then went to SM Dasma to get some groceries and to have our cappuccino. Oh I love it!

The following day was another unforgettable experience for both of us. We went to Tagaytay Picnic Grove because I told him that it was nice there. I thought we will just go there to see the place and to have our dinner there afterwards but something happened. What was that? Oh well, it all started when we said yes to the lady negotiating a trip going to Taal Volcano Crater. She said that the trip was only for 1,800 pesos and thinking it was cheap we said yes then headed going all the way down to Taal lake which took us almost 45 mins tricycle ride! The zigzag road was so stiff and me and hon-hon were just saying “oooohhh, that stiff!”. Finally, we reached the lake side where we rode a boat going to Taal Volcano. Oh dear, I thought that was it but when we reached the place we never thought that we still need to pay for the horses and the guide going up the crater. At first we thought of going back but I think my hon-hon seen how excited I was to experience horseback riding and so we negotiate the price but geez, it’s still cost us 2,500 pesos just for that. In fairness, we both enjoyed the horseback riding and the scenery. I felt that I was a rancher visiting my own land. LOL! The scenery was actually beautiful but because of so many payments we need to make just to get there we almost didn’t noticed how beautiful it was. After few shots and few peep in Taal Volcano’s crater we decided to move down as the sun was slowly moving down. We were able to finished horseback riding just about the sun settled down then headed back to Tagaytay. It was already dark when we traveled back to main city of Tagaytay and gosh it was evil versus evil again. What a ride!

Hon-hon was poker face again that time and I knew why. LOL! We never forget the buko pie and cassava cake on our way home. Since it was past dinner already we decided to drop by at Dencio’s restaurant in Pala-pala. Thanks to their heavenly meal because I was able to see hon-ho’s smile again. Hehehe. Hon-hon love Dencio’s sisig just like me. LOL! Another day, another history!

It was an easy day the following day. We just decided not to go anywhere but SM Dasma to look for possible travel agency that can help us book for our Bohol or Cebu trip. We were actually glad that we came that day because we were able to get a very good deal at Ticket Post travel agency. The lady agent manning their office was just so accommodating and very helpful. We were able to get a Bohol package extending to Cebu at very cheap price. Vincent was more than happy with the result because we were not really expecting it. We just tried and there it is! We were actually like a couple looking for a treasure. LOL!

Ready to travel again! We woke up early to catch our early flight going to Bohol and we were just so glad that we were not trapped for the morning traffic jam going to NAIA. We were able to checked in early but we almost lost striker, our ball during checked in. But thanks God because they allow us to hand carry striker all the way to Bohol. Of course we never forget our usual morning coffee break and since we still had plenty of time to linger we decided to have our copy break a little longer. No matter where we go, “maliliit na gagamba” were always present that sometimes it annoyed hon-hon. Hahahaha! But in fairness, “maliliit na gagamba” usually amuse both of us. LOL!

Our flight went perfectly fine and we were able to reach our destination with ease since we don’t need to bother for our airport pick-up because that was also included in our package. We just de-gas and headed for our city tour already. Our first destination was San Pedro Church which is the oldest church in the Philippines. Hon-hon said that it was actually built last 1602. Gosh, my mom is not even alive during that time. Then we headed to Loboc River where we enjoyed our lunch in the floating restaurant there while cruising the entire length of Loboc River. A group of choir and dancers serenade our boat when we stopped at their place. It was really nice way of welcoming their guest.

After the Loboc River experience and tarsier sactuary, we headed to the famous Chocolate Hills. We enjoyed the sightseeing and picture taking. Then our next stop was the home of Prony, the longest python in captivity. Prony was actually 26 feet long. We just take some photos then headed to our next destination which was the man made forest. It was a little bit cold there but it was amazing especially knowing that a group of people planted all those trees and later it turned out to be a forest. We never forgot the churches at Baclayon then of course the place where the Blood Compact happened many years ago.

It was a tiring trip but because we went to different beautiful places we were not really bothered if we had a road trip for almost a day. It was already dark when we were back at Blue Sky Hotel, the hotel that we checked in. After an hour of de-gassing we decided to visit Bohol Bee Farm and decided to have our dinner there. It was indeed an amazing place, so romantic and so cool to be with. We were also amazed by the choices of their food. It was my first time to actually hear those like the “spicy flower salad” which was my hon-hon’s choice. It was indeed superb. I chose the food that is familiar to me because I am not as experimental as my hon-hon when it comes to food. We enjoyed the place, the music and specially the food. What a way to spend a day! Right?

We ended our night as early as possible because we need to wake up so early for the following day since we wanted to see dolphins in the wild. We were so excited for that which in a way helped us woke up even before our clock alarmed. We just packed some of our things and headed for the boat that we hired for the dolphin watching and island hopping. The guys were so nice. Going to the place for ngdolphins watching were quite far and shaky but me and hon-hon were just having fun and of course “maliliit na gagamba” were also there. LOL! We were also cheering as we were sailing because a lot of boats were actually sailing as well just to witness the dolphins. It was really fun.

When we reached the place for dolphin watching we slowed down then after a few minutes there it was! Wow, what a sight when we seen the school of dolphins moving in synchronize movement. It was so brief because they were destructed by roaring of motor coming near them so we need to wait again and maybe we were just so lucky to see the dolphins again and witness how they flip. We can’t help but shout and cheer for the dolphins. We left the place when it was already hot because they said that dolphins only go on surface when still cold. We were happy with what we seen and although I was not able to capture it on cam that sight will always remains in our memory.

After the dolphins watching, we headed to Balicasag island were we ate our lunch. Cooking for lunch took longer than what we expected and so we just enjoyed the sea. I had a good laugh with hon-hon as we swim. He named me as a mermaid because I can swim well. Oh dear, I am everything for him. LOL! Then after our lunch we then headed to Virgin Island where also enjoyed few dips in the water. We again played there and laugh and had fun. Then on our way back to the hotel, we dropped by at Alona beached resort to get some cash as we run short of cash. Had a few drinks there and decided to finally go back to our hotel.

It was almost 1:00 pm when we finally reached the hotel and so we still have the best time to enjoy the pool which were virtually ours that time since we were the only guest at that time. We played with striker which we almost lost that ball again when hon-hon throw it hard and landed in the sea. We thought that we will lose striker for the second time but we were still lucky to get it back. We enjoyed the pool as we enjoyed each other’s company. I can still hear the laughter’s and the teasing. LOL! It was one of the best afternoons that we had during his vacation. We were also able to enjoy the Jacuzzi. Hon-hon just loved it so much. Of course coffee while we enjoy our Jacuzzi and the laughter’s, what can I ask for more? That’s what life is all about. Having someone to enjoy it is really a gift.

For the dinner, we decided to enjoy it at one of the Italian Restaurant at along Alona Beach Resort. But since I was suffering from headache I did not really enjoyed the food. I love the shake though. It was different experience there. Then we went to the nearby bar to have some beer. We been there for almost an hour only because I don’t really like the place and hon-hon sense it. My headache was gone after my hon-hon gave me some medicine for my headache. He is just so sweet to look for my medicine even if he doesn’t really know the place. It took him awhile before he finally got that medicine and I’m just so touched with his gesture. He is such a loving and caring boyfriend.

After the beer we went back to the hotel and ended the night. When we woke up, we had sumptuous breakfast at the hotel. I think hon-hon really love the pool so before we finally depart he enjoyed the pool with striker while I enjoyed sleeping. LOL! It was already 11:15 am when he finally took the final dip and prepared for our check out. Whew! We were just in time for our ferry going to Cebu.

Okey, till here for now. Wait for our week 3 escapade! Till next article. LOL!

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