Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where do I BEGIN?

As I sit here in my room and nothing to do with all the bills scattered around me, I begun to wonder what I have done wrong to deserve this? Penniless and jobless... Wow! What a way to celebrate the coming Christmas. I'm laughing with the thought but deep inside me is the worries that keeps arising every single day. Where do I begin?

I contacted many of my friends fishing for a job but I guess this time of the year is not really good for job hunting. I should wait when the holiday is over. Sucks! But that is thein cruel truth. My family is there to help me out but until when? They too are suffering from this economic fall down and I cannot bear seeing them suffer as well. I need to find a job soon!

Right now, I'm getting some training for Java Programming offered by the government to help especially those who were hit by the recession. I take this opportunity trying to improve myself and hoping that it will also lead me to a new job and new career. I know that it is not the end of the world yet. All I need to do is to be patient and try my best to hunt and look for new opportunities.

This year may seems to be stressful when it comes to my career but on the brighter side I think I am still lucky this year for being able to met the love of my life. Fair enough? I think so. But can't I have both? Well, let's see!

Where do I begin? Is still the question keep popping up in my mind. I just hope I will find the answer. The sooner the better.


michael said...

Good luck. Sometimes life will throw you an unexpected surprise and what seems like a bad period turns out to be an opportune one. Keep all your options open and luck will find you!

joy said...

hi sis! just be patient.... all things will be clearer to you in due time. and you will be blessed not only in your love life but in your career as well. keep the faith!