Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Job Hunting

Year 2009 is almost over and I can't wait for a New Year to come. It's a whole new dream for me and I cannot wait to start anew. I have so many decisions in the past that I regret but since I cannot undo it, I'll just take it as an experience and learn from it.

I want to start my 2010 with smile and contentment in my heart. I'm now in the mood in looking for a new career here or abroad. I don't know where will my job search will lead me but I'm open to a wide range of possibilities as long as it will give me good income.  Anything is possible and I can't wait to embrace the changes.

It's time to stand still despite of so many things happened the past.  I don't want to cry anymore nor have a negative feelings because it will never help me but instead it is giving me low self steam which lead me to depression.

A whole New Year, a whole new life and a whole new career!  Have a Prosperous New Year every one.  Cheers!

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joy said...

hi sis! so sad to hear about the atm incident!
i pray that 2010 will be your year and that you'll be able to find a new job.
be blessed this 2010!