Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bouncing BACK - repost!

Enough of many negative emotions! No matter how I feel and no matter how I say it will never change the situation. Instead of sitting here and emote I think it is much better to look for an opportunities. It may not be big at least something that will help me.

I slept very late last night thinking of other ways to gain profit. I know there's something out there for me. It might not be a regular job but something I can earn even just for awhile to get by. I'm still looking forward for 2010 though. I know there's more to come. I will never forget 2009 though because I learned a lot this year when it comes to money matter and of course I met the man of my dreams this year. Those things will never be forgotten.
Now is the time to BOUNCE BACK! I asked one of my friend how come he has a lot of money and how he made it? He told me that I just need an internet, patience and hard work. Hmmm, I have those but how come I'm not earning that much? I really have to find. He gave me some tips though and I'm on the way of understanding the process. I know there's something out there. I just need to find out.
I checked out this a lot of website checking where I can get online job and here's the list that I found. Sounds interesting... Right?


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joy said...

hi sis! kamusta? busy po ata ah walang updates. i have something for you in my blog, just grab it when you have the time. ingat.