Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Lights

I went home late last night because I have to extend a little bit longer in our school just to finish all the programming exercises that has been given to us.  Going home was a little bit easier last night because I did not encounter traffic.  Since it's already December the streets are covered with different Christmas ornaments and the majority of it is the different varieties of Christmas lights.

I was mesmerized with the different colors of the lights ranging from Golden lighting , to silver, to red, blue and green that if you look at them from a distance the lights are as if dancing with one another.  Ahhh, Christmas is already in the air.  There's always a warm feeling that Christmas time brought to me and I just couldn't stop to feel it seeing all those ornaments. 

In catholic traditions, we already entered on what we called Advent season.  The season of preparation for the coming of the infant Jesus, who is the very essence of Christmas.  I was actually a little bit guilty last Sunday when I heard the homily regarding the Advent season.  Guilty of the fact that I worried too much lately and never been really happy about what happened to me that even celebrating Christmas became a question to me on how will I celebrate it without money?  Advent is a season of Light, Love and Hope and every one of us should be glad because the promise of God has been done.

Just like the Christmas lights, I should also be dancing with joy and peace because I know that God is always true to His promises.  I'm really glad to hear last Sunday's homily for it gave me peace, joy and hope that all will be okey in the coming days to come.


joy said...

amen! we should all be full of happiness, peace and love in our hearts because christmas is near. Jesus is the real reason of the celebration. take care sis!

Hobby Exchange said...

good post my friend. please comment too okay, thanks