Monday, December 28, 2009

December 2009 - WHAT A MONTH?

Am I being jinx? That is actually what I am thinking right now. I think someone is playing trick on me. December 2009 is one of the unforgettable months so far, not because of happy memories but because of so many bad things that happened to me. I don't want to summarize it because it sounds pathetic but I just can't miss this day not to write about it. I can say that today is just one of those arrrrgggghhhh days! If you know what I mean.

My day started just fine. My head is not aching anymore and the bumps caused by the little accident that I had last December 23 is almost gone. No more fever and my colds is almost gone. My laptop is now working just fine (thanks to my friend who fixed it for free). I also got a text from my friend that she already deposited to my account the amount I borrowed from her. I was really happy with all of this news. I thought bad days were over.

Well, that was I thought until I withdrawn the money. I was so excited going to the nearest ATM machine to get the money. I even said to myself that at last I'll be able to cover all the bills for this month and other necessary expenses. I also planned to buy something for New Year since I haven't really got a chance to celebrate Christmas. I am planning to cook something special this New Year but I think I won't be able to do that. Why? It is because the ATM machine did not dispense any money! oh yeah my cash has been debited to my account but I wasn't able to get the actual money.

How this happened? When it was my turn to withdraw, BPI's ATM machine went offline. My transaction was cut at the middle. My account said that I withdrawn the money where in fact the actual cash were left inside the ATM machine. It happened to me before but the impact of today's transaction was really devastating because that was the money I was looking forward and now I am left with nothing.

I already reported the event to BPI and the personnel there promised to really do their best to return my money by tomorrow afternoon. They cannot guarantee though since we are in holiday so worst comes to worse I will be able to reimburse the money after New Year. It's not a good news. I'm now in the state where I question myself what I've done wrong to deserve all of this. I just hope this nightmare will be over soon.

I still hope that you guys are doing fine. Be careful always and be wise in your spending. I'm still hoping for a Happy New Year.

Despite of all that happened to me, I still wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wish me luck!

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