Thursday, December 10, 2009

Friendship Awards


In the world of blogging getting a friend anywhere in the world is I think the one of the best thing a blog can do.  I, myself was able to get online friends and one of them is Joy.  I'm really happy having this girl to be one my friends online.  I really wanted to meet her in person but we haven't got a chance yet.  I'm still looking forward though.  Joy, thank you for the friendship and I really appreciate this award.  I hope to see you soon.

Like Joy, there are also people whom I considered a friend.  I might not seen them personally but knowing them online is one of the best thing I am really thankful and I will share you why...

I wanted to pass this awards to the follwing people who, in one way or another touch my life.

Joy - I want to give this friendship award to you as well (oh, you don't need to report it my dear).  She is the kind of person everyone will love.  I learned many things from her, either from her blog or from the emails that she sent me.

 Dorothy - she is one of the coolest blogger I ever met.  I love every articles she posted in her blog.  Much more with her lovely qoutes she always send me through my lovenotes area.  Thank you dear and I hope you will post this in your email.

 Tripzbit - one of the bloggers that I've known for quite a long time already.  Although we just said hi every now and then, I admire the way he write.  I just hope he will post this on his page. LOL!

Carlota - This beautiful girl is the one who designed my blog.  I contacted her to design my blog and since then on I treat her as one of my online friend.

Hon-hon - my lover and my friend.  He don't have website but he isone of my regular reader.  My no. 1 fan.  Thank you my dearest.

Ate Laura - my sister and my friend.  She is now living in Canada but somehowone of my regular reader as well.  Thanks sister for always there.


joy said...

sis, sobrang na touch ako sa post mo. salamat. same sentiments here, i'm blessed to have you in my life. we will see each other soon.

Tripzibit said...

Hi, Grace. Thank you for gave me these awards and for being a good friend, i'm really appreciate it :)

I'll post it next week, if you don't mind

Gracie said...

Thank you also Joy and Tripzibit. I am really thankful for the friendship and for the learnings you are given me. Cheers!

Dorothy L said...

Ahhh Grace...your words are so kind and genuine. I accept and so dearly appreciate your gift of words and awards.

I leave you with many, many huggz!

Gracie said...

Thank you Dorothy. You are one of the wonderful people I met online. Spread your words of wisdom. You just don't know how much I value it. Thank you for being so good to me and thank you for accepting this friendship award. God bless you!

carlota said...

Thanks so much miss; very much appreciated. Hugs!