Monday, December 21, 2009

Mayon Volcano Eruption - Bicolano's need our HELP!

I thought my Christmas will be the worse case.  First, I'm short with money, then I got sick and just recently my laptop crashed because it was infected with virus which until now is still can't be use.  Too many things happened unexpectedly but unlike the previous months, I'm much more stronger to face it.  That's not actually what's bothering me today.  I'm just worried to my fellow bicolanos who are right now suffering from the Mayon Volcano eruption.  I've seen the news last night when I had a chance to stay at my friend's house to watched the evening news.

More than 10,000 families are already at the evacuation center.  Although the Bicol Disaster Coordinating Council are doing their best to give what the evacuees needs they still need our help since it might take a little longer to rehabilitate the entire area.  This also means that the people will need a much longer assistance from the governments and from other agencies.

I was saddened by the news because I know the place.  I been there several times and the people there are just awesome.  I have nothing to give as I also don't have enough cash as of this moment but I know that I can also be of help in my own little way.

I made this survey and looking forward to get results.  It's a free survey but every time someone completed this survey the advertiser will give me a penny as a proceed.  It might be too little but if a thousand people will eventually complete this it will means a lot and can help a lot for the victims.  Proceeds of the survey will be forwarded to ABS-CBN foundation as an added fund for the Mayon Volcano casualties.

Now, I'm pleading all of you to please take time to answer this simple survey.  It might take a little of your time but it will definitely help a lot of people. Thank you very much in advance and Have Merry Christmas!



joy said...

wow! sobrang andaming ngang untoward incident na nangyari sa iyo. i got and am still sick too because of the weather.
nakakalungkot nga kasi maraming tao sa malapit sa mayon ang hindi makakacelebrate ng pasko sa mga tahanan nila.
despite everything going on around us, i wish you and all of your loved ones a blessed christmas.
and did the survey for you sis!

joy said...

hi sis! i was trying to access the survey but there is no survey available for me to do. sorry! try ko na lang ulit so i can help the victims!

Marly said...

I hope everything's well with you Grace.

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