Monday, January 11, 2010

He Really Makes me Laugh!!!

I was busy clicking my PTC sites last night when I got a message from Rujhon, one of my best friend.  I was not really sure if he was serious or he was just making fun of me.  I was really laughing with his message because he just blurted out that he wanted to get MARRIED!  Oh dear!  Oh well, there's nothing really bad about it aside from the fact that we both know that he don't have girlfriend to get married in the first place.  So I asked him who is the lucky girl and he told me that it is his biggest problem because no one is saying yes.  I was really laughing because he seems too frustrated when he said that.  Oh well, if I know that he is one of those guy who are too meticulous when it comes to married life.

I told him that if he can't have a girl to make him warm then maybe a set of Nascar jacket will do.  He just laughed at the thought and he said, why not?  Oh dear, this friend of my mine really make me laugh in so many ways.  He is one of the amazing guy I ever met.  I hope that one day he will meet his dream girl.  I'm not sure though if it's a dream girl. hahahaha!  Peace besren!

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