Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home Space

As I concentrate in my experiment on how I can maximize my earnings online, I relocate my working area outside my room.  I need to concentrate with my experiment and my bed is always a temptation for me to lay down and enjoys the comfort of it.  With this move, I also need to adjust some of my things to give me the space I need to relax while working.  Home space is not a problem to me since I live alone I can easily turn my dollhouse upside down.  LOL!

There are no many things inside my dollhouse as well or if in case there's a need to put inside, I think I will try the mounts for a better view, easy location and of course space savings.  I've already seen a lot of home decors using the mounts and I think it looks cool and easy to deal with.  But for now, I will concentrate on the things need to be done first then let's see if we can do that in the future.  I'm still okey with my current space so I think I will leave it this way at the moment.

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