Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hotels, Resto or Pubs? It is all here!

I had a very busy Saturday because of my friend’s wedding.  I was one of the bride’s maids and I really enjoyed the experience.  It was my first time to accept the role of a bride’s made because the couple is both my close friends.  I regret though that I did not accept previous invitations because it was really fun.  Well, anyway it’s not too late yet.  But of course, I don’t expect to be a bride’s made forever.  I want to be a bride too and that must happen soon. LOL!
But before that happened I have to be prepared for the upcoming vacation of the man that I dream.  Yes, he is coming over and he got a surprise?  I really don’t know what is it but I know that it is something that will make me happy.  We both love to eat and because of that we discovered many interesting Restaurants during our vacation together.
Now that I am in the mood to browse the web,  this one particular site captured my interest since it talk about pubs, restaurants, hotels, bars and many other interesting information about shopping and drinking.  This is what exactly I am looking for and although it is a little bit early to plan, browsing and getting more information about travel and vacation is always fun.  Just like this information about Pubs London and Restaurants London where you can see the top rated places to visit and dine in.

This site is like my boyfriend's travel bible where you can use as your guide if you wish to travel anywhere in the world.  Looking at the reviews, I will surely visit one of the restaurants mentioned here if I will be given a chance to visit London.  I think I have to look for good places to visit in Ireland because that is where my boyfriend lives.  I'm not sure though if I will be given a chance to visit any of these place but getting information like this is all worth it.   

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