Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Indeed a Surprise!

Thank you guys for the prayers.  My hon-hon is finally out of the hospital and now doing very well.  He is still hopping because of his ankle but he now looks better and feel better.  At last, we were able to talk over the internet with our camera on.  I really miss him so much.  Seeing him again even in cam gave so much joy to me.  I love the long talk as usual and yes, he finally told me the the surprise!  He really made me so happy with his surprise.  I never expected that he will do that but just the same, my man makes me happier.

Ops, I can't tell yet what is the surprise.  I will tell it later when everything has taken care of and everything is already ok.  Don't worry guys because I will surely blog it. For now, I'll keep it a secret. LOL!

Thank you hon-hon for the surprise.  Love yeah baby!

1 comment:

joy said...

hi sis! mabuti naman okay na si hon-hon mo! ano kaya yung suprise niya? so excited to know!
sis, ang ganda mo nung wedding!