Friday, January 8, 2010

Just Another Cup of Coffee

The smell of coffee is lingering to my nose.  I can't help but smile of the thoughts brought to me about coffee.  I am certified coffee lover and my day will never start unless I have a taste of it.  Among the kinds of coffee, Cappuccino and Latte are among of the best choices of coffee lovers and I'm not an exemption to that. I just love the taste!

While sipping my hot coffee, I came across to this article about Master of Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato and I couldn't help myself but to smile about how it has been started.  Just like the writer, I am thankful that it has ever been invented.  The mix of espresso and frothed milk gave the taste of distinction among other kinds of coffee.  I even wish that I own one of the New Nespresso Aeroccino and enjoy my very own Cappuccino every single day.  Why not?

I really did enjoyed reading that article.  It is nice to know something new to the things you enjoyed.  I'm still looking some of the interesting articles while I'm enjoying my cup of coffee.  I think, this article about making money in real estate is something that I need to read.  What do you think?

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