Friday, January 1, 2010

LearnHow2earn.Net - my newly Launch website

I been dying to show off my newly launch website but I have to wait for a little while because I want to put some more articles that you can enjoy reading once you visit it.  But anyway, after some bravados, I'm now unveiling my baby website.  Before that, I want to tell you how this idea came up.

I been browsing the net looking for a site where a can earn money online.  I also read books about internet marketing, blogs, CPA and other money making online opportunities.  I joined several forums to have a look how other bloggers and internet marketers do when it comes to money making online.  I met a lot of people who are full time internet marketers and gave me an idea on how they make such income.

It was my plan as well to put up another website as I don't want to mix it with my personal blog.  I want a professional looking website that will help others.  I know what I want but can't really decide what to focus on for that website so I asked my friends what they think about this topic and what they look into the net.  What they are after to and why.  Little by little the answer to the puzzle is becoming clearer, I want a website with the aim to help others get some extras through internet.


So here it is, presenting my new website: HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE - Free Guide.  I designed it myself and author all the articles.  I have already few informative articles and a lot to come.  I also have some freebies from the sponsors company but most of the freebies are US centric.  I'm still looking for some website where I can get freebies offered worldwide.  Have a look and let me know your thoughts and inputs.  If you have suggested articles, feel free to notify me.  And if you think the information is worthwhile and wish to receive copies of articles in the future, you can subscribe to my feed or via email.  Don't worry because all the information are free.  Just enjoy it and learn from it.

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joy said...

hi sis! i've checked out your new site! congratulations on your new site! and i pray you get to achieve your 2010 goals!
God bless!