Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Java Training

Wow!  One week from now and I'm done with my Java Training program with TESDA.  Our last day of training is on January 15 of this year.  I just couldn't believe it that we been doing this for over a month now.  I enjoyed our class and so is my classmates and professor.  I had fun while taking advantage of the things I learned from our training.  It's becoming crazier every day especially now that we are now in the final phase of our training. Our exercises makes my brain turn upside down but every time I finish programming and get the right code, it excites me and feel elated. 

After graduation, I need to look for a company for my On the Job Training.  This is one of the reasons why I took the training program aside from the fact that it is free of course.  I am always amazed and challenge in programming.  I took up a lot of programming languages but haven't got a chance to practice it from work.  Well, hopefully I'll be able to do it now.  It's not too late, right?  Or maybe you can suggest a company for me to do my OJT. 

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