Thursday, January 14, 2010

No More Pain

Yesterday was the big day for my aching tooth.  Yes, after a week of medication we finally extracted my first molar.  I was so thankful with my dentist because he really made sure that I won't feel any pain during the extraction.  I was a little bit worried because it's been a long time since my last tooth extraction happened.  Doc Allan first tested if I have an allergy with anesthesia and I was just so glad that I did not developed any allergenic reaction.  My tooth extraction went just fine.  I did not even felt any pain during the entire process.

After the extraction, Doc Allan let me rest for awhile in the clinic to subside the effect of the anesthesia.  When the effect of anesthesia subsides, that was when I feel the pain.  Good thing that my dentist gave me some medication for the pain.  We were so thankful also that the blood easily stopped after the extraction.  As of today, I don't feel any more pain but I'm still taking the medication for me to be sure that the healing process will be much easier.

I am able to talk with hon-hon and he too is getting better.  He will be out from the hospital this weekend and I am hoping that we can finally talk over the internet.  I am also excited with his surprise and I can't wait to hear his big surprise for me.  He just knows how to make his own promotional items to keep me excited waiting for the weekend.

I don't really have any idea what is it but it sure made me long for the weekend to come.  But you know what; the thing that really excites me is knowing that he is getting better and better every single day.  Seeing him on camera this coming Sunday will be an added bonus for me and maybe his surprise will be an extra bonus for me.  I really can't wait for Sunday to come.

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joy said...

so excited for you sis! ano kaya suprise niya sa yo?