Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh My Cake!

That's not my birthday party but rather my friend's wedding reception.  As usual, my silliness over the pictures is very obvious.  My friend just got tired taking pictures of me because I always told him to give me a good shot. LOL!  Oh the cake!  Yeah, it only not looks beautiful but taste awesome as well.  In fact I'm suffering from the impact of too much calories given to me.  I gained weight again!  Oh no, I think I have to visit on how I can easily shed off my extra weight!  Oh well, the cake was deliciously tempting.  I just can't resist my urge to give a bite.  A bite?  I doubt it!  It was one full meal.  LOL!  See for yourself how I adored the cake!




1 comment:

sweetdonut said...

hello...ask ko dat real cake or styro? just wondering...

hope you can drop at my page to reply..!