Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sleepless Night

I had trouble getting good sleep last night because I was really worried about my honey.  I can't help but think about his situation and how he is right now.  I tried calling several times but no one is picking up the phone. I don't have any idea how bad he is right now which really worries me even more.

I was online until the wee hour and was able to have a chat with my best friend who is now living in US.  She is pregnant with her second baby and they are planning of another vacation.  She mentioned about Outer Banks rentals but I am not sure if they will avail it.  We also talked about her pregnancy and how excited they are for their new baby.  I was happy for her and wish that she will be okey and the baby.  Her family is getting bigger and closer.  I'm a little bit jealous with her situation because she can see her husband every day.  I wish I can see hon-hon too even just for today.  I am really worried about him.

I pray that I will get some news about his condition today.  I pray that he is already feeling better now and just taking time to get some rest.

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joy said...

hi gracie! i hope your hon hon will get well soon. i will include him in my prayers for his speedy recovery.