Tuesday, January 19, 2010


One of the best thing people noticed about me is the way I smile.  I think this is also one of the reasons why I can easily be friend to anyone.  I can smile and hide my feelings through it but my eyes always betrayed me.  That is why; I cannot hide my true emotions especially to the people who really knew me.  My honey is just one of the few people that can really read me.  I don't know but somehow he can tell exactly if I'm just pretending to be happy or not.  He just knew me so well.

I was able to talk with him this morning and I'm just so happy looking at his happy face.  His smiles mean a lot for me.  His laugh lines are becoming visible though but I just love the way he is.  It does not bother me a bit because we are both getting old, getting old with style. LOL!

Hey, if we want to, we can use the youthology  product to make us look younger than we are right now.  But I think my honey will never bother about that.  You know what, there's no amount of any beauty products that can enhance your looks.  Your smile is the best thing to wear to any occasions.  And for my honey, I wouldn't care about the laugh lines as long as he will always smile and laugh for me because it means a lot for me.

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