Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tooth Extraction

I went home early today because I'm not feeling well.  My tooth was aching like hell and it was also giving me head ache.  I visited my dentist and had my tooth checked.  I told him that if possible I want my tooth to be extracted but since it was aching it needs to be cure first before extraction.  He gave me prescription for the pain and for antibiotics.  I'm not used of drinking any medicine and it's really hard for me but the pain was killing me.  I have one week for the antibiotics and after that I need to visit his clinic again for x-ray to see if my tooth can still be save.

It may sounds foolish but I would rather take it away to take away the pain for good.  It's good that I'm not traveling because I don't know if it's cover with health travel.  I remembered when I applied for working abroad before and one of their requirements is to have all your teeth be in a good condition.  Anyway, it is not my problem anymore as I decide not to travel this year.  But I still need to see my dentist after a week because I really wanted to know what's going on with my tooth.  I have my regular cleaning so I don't know why it happened.

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dkny said...

hey, just dropped by all three of your blogs!! i guess it's your wisdom tooth you're talking about here... it must be growing horizontally pushing the tooth next to it instead of vertically up... and yes, it hurts for quite some time!! :) anyway, i hope u're doing fine now... if not, it's better to get it extracted... too much painkiller's no good... :) btw, nice blog! cheers...