Monday, January 18, 2010

The Wedding

January 16, 2010 at around 11:00 in the morning when my friends Jasmin and Jhun profess their love to one another through marriage.  It was a very romantic and solemn wedding that I can't help but cry for the happiness that I felt for the couple.  Jasmin and Jhun became my friends many years ago and through the years I've seen how their love started to bloom.  I've seen how Jasmin developed her feelings towards Jhun and how Jhun express his feelings towards Jasmin.  We used to hang out, dine out, chat until the wee hour and looking at them during the wedding was just totally a heart warming feelings. 

I will never forget their wedding not only because it was my first time to be a bride's maid but because the bride and groom are very close to me.  Rujhon and Ate Arnie together with her hubby Dick and their son Vincent attended the wedding as well.  I had so much fun during the entire event including at the reception.  We enjoyed the music and danced with it without caring other people present at the wedding.  We were just so happy for the newlywed and so we enjoyed every moment of it.  The groom and bride got a chance to dance with us and we really had a good laugh.  I just love it!  I miss our Ziggurat days but I know that our friendship will remain the same.



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