Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weightloss Struggle

I don't like what happened last night.  My craving for good food went beyond and so my food intake went the same.  I been watching my weight these past couple of months but things went out of hand when someone offered me a good food. LOL!  It's my fault!  Last night was not an exemption because a friend of mine invited me to have dinner with her family because she cooked my favorite!  I can't say no because she seldom asked me and it was one of the rare occasions. It was a happy dinner with her and with her daughter.  We did enjoy the chat and the food.  The bad thing is I need to double time to shed off my extra fats. LOL!

I not a fan of weightloss products because I believe in natural way of losing weight.  But with the things that happened over the past few weeks I think I have to reconsider it.  What do you think?  Any recommendation? I am so poor when it comes to my diet.  Grrrr!

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