Monday, January 25, 2010

What is the meaning of your NAME? Check it out!

Do you know the meaning of your name?  When I was a kid, I keep on asking my mom why she named me Maria Gracia (that's my real name), and she just told me that when the time I was born we were penniless and that drives her to named me Maria Gracia.  I still asked her why not you named me as Mary Grace so that it sounds "sosyal"?  My mom was laughing and asked me, why?  Don't you like your name?  And I told her that not really.  I just found it so eww and not so "sosyal". LOL!

Well, that was before.  I begin to fully like my name when I was in high school, not because I know the real meaning of it but because I have to like it and accept it as it was already given. LOL!  During my college days, my name never became an issue because I really accept the way it is.

Today, I fully understand the true meaning of my name when a friend of mine passed along this website about baby names and the meaning of it.  I am just so glad that my mom gave me such a beautiful name.  For you to understand what I mean, here is the meaning of my name according to

Maria - is originated from Latin which means STAR OF THE SEA.
Gracia - is a variant of Grace (Latin) which means FAVOR or BLESSINGS.

See how beautiful is my name?  And my mom always told me that I am always true to my name.  Hmmm, sounds refreshing.  Isn't it?


eRLyN said...

Nice meaning! thanks for sharing the site as well. :)

Gracie said...

No problem Erlyn. Glad to share it as it is really interesting. cheers!

joy said...

hi sis!your name has a beautiful meaning. Do you know that Anne which is my second name happens to be the Hebrew word for Grace.:)

Gracie said...

Hi sis Joy, Wow so it means that we are both a blessing. Nice!