Monday, February 15, 2010

Bonding with Baby Carl

It was indeed a beautiful day!  First, I got a chance to finally talk with hon-hon after almost a week.  He had a very busy week and a tiring schedule since he was in a night shift that is why it was really hard for him to come online which I understand.  We had a chance to talked longer and greet each other a Happy Valentines.  I'm still waiting for the bouquet of flowers though. LOL!  Oh well, that will just be an added bonus if ever.  Then after talking with hon-hon, I got a chance to bond with baby Carl.  Baby Carl is one of my godson who lives nearby.  He is a cute happy baby and I used to kiss him which makes him wiggle, laughs then bite me.  I really laugh every time he does that.  He is growing so fast.  He gained weight every single day so every time I carried him I feel that my muscles are growing as well that as if I am taking a muscle supplements. See how times flies?  I know that sooner or later, this cute little boy will be starting to walk and I couldn't wait to see that milestone in his life.  Golly, I feel so old looking at the kids here.  LOL!  Anyway, that can't be avoided.  Looking at baby Carl, I can't help myself but to think what will happen few years from now?  I just hope that he will grow as a loving son and God fearing child.  I don't know if I will still be around that time but I hope that he will turn out to be a more responsible man when he grows old.

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