Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Effects of Summer Heat!

Whew!  It is still early morning but I can now feel the heat of the sun.  It is striking directly through my bedroom.  It is beautiful to see but makes me feel uncomfortable because I have been sweating a lot.  Aside from that, my summer skin allergies are starting to show up.  It is also becomes so hard to sleep at night especially because it become so humid during night time.  I am just so glad that I have anti allergy mattress covers which help me feel comfortable with my bed and help me sleep without disturbance.  Sleep is very important and I don't want a sleepless night this summer.  I have aircon but because of high electricity bill I decided not to use it.  Oh well, maybe I don't have a choice during the peak of summer because it is already expected to be so hot.  Weather forecasters announced that El Nino will strike again this summer.  We are already starting to feel that as early as this month so how much more during the peak of summer? Summer heat for this year is outrageous.  Many skin allergies and a lot of diseases are showing up especially for kids.  I think the heat that I feel this year is twice than last year.

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