Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Because I am Worried!

Stress is not really good.  Oh yeah, I'm so stressed out lately because of a lot of things.  First my laptop which is until now is still in bad condition.  It's keep on hanging and the response time is still so slow.  It took me forever before I finally download a file and open a browser.  Second is thinking about my bills for this month will be quite big than my usual bills because I need to pay for my insurance.  I keep counting and counting but it seems my budget for this month won't be enough.  I keep on looking for something to earn money online but all I got are just pennies.

Thinking about all those things stresses me out  and it is already showing in my face.  Oh dear, my blackheads are very prominent this time.  I am just so glad because I have this home remedy for blackheads and so I don't need to worry about it.  I just hope I am able to resolve these problems to get back my peace of mind.  I know that when I am on track again everything will be alright including my dilemma to these horrible blackheads. 


Aditya's Blogsphere said...

dear grace...happy valentine .... wish you always in love.... i have just added your facebook....approve my request please....

eRLyN said...

naku i share your sentiments sis, ako din worried sa meralco bill. init eh, cant help but turn on the aircon most of the time.

hope you get to do facial at home one of these days sis.