Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Play Time!

I was browsing the web when I seen this cute stuffed toy and I can't resist downloading the picture for myself.  I remember when I was still a kid that all I have was a paper dolls made by my eldest sister.  I never really got a chance to own neither a doll nor a stuffed toy during my childhood day.  I think that was the reason why I love dolls and stuffed toys which became one of collections when I started earnings.  I thought that has long gone but every time I seen a cute stuffed toy like this, I can't resist myself but to at least hold it.

I'm not sure if modern kids are still into stuff like this.  Most of the time I seen them holding their Nintendo Wii or their play station during play time.  Well, I think this is what you called computer envision.  Although, for most the little girls they still wanted to have their own set of barbie dolls or big dolls.  I wish I had one before but we couldn't afford to have one.  I still have my stuffed toys' collections but I already sent all of them to our house in the province.  All I have now is Munster, the very special one because it is hon-hon's favorite mascot.


joy said...

hi sis! i know what you mean when you say the three magic words that saying once is not enough that you have to say it over and over again. it's the same thing with bf and me. we've been together for years but when he says it over and over again...he still says it with so much love and sincerity.and i on my part will never get tired of saying it because that's what my heart's say. we are both blessed to have met our dear special loved ones. have a happy hearts day in advance to you and hon-hon. i know even if your miles apart, he will find a way to make that day special for you. share mo sa akin ha...i'm sure nakakakilig yun.

eRLyN said...

wow i remember my own paper dolls. :)

Gracie said...

Hi Joy, thanks for the comments. Sure, sabihin ko sayo hehe.

Hi Erlyn, thanks for the comments as well. So you also love paper dolls? Lol, we are the same. hehe