Monday, February 15, 2010

Just In time for Summer!

Summer time came so early this year.  We already feel the heat of the sun as early as 6:00 am.  Summer dresses are now out of the locker as I need more comfortable clothes to survive this very hot atmosphere.  I am just so glad that my morning exercises paid off.  No more excess fats and I can say that it is another weight loss success stories! Whoa!  I really had a struggle losing weights these past few months.  I had to because of the fact that I gained so much weight during hon-hon's visit to Philippines.  Oh dear, he just love to eat and I also couldn't help to eat more!  Why not, when we all did was to visit the best restaurants in the city.  I miss those days when we hop from one restaurant to another.  Oh well, I know that it will happen again as we been planning to meet again this year.  Yahoo!  Gosh, I need to really watch my diet this time.  LOL!

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