Friday, February 12, 2010

Morning Stroll

I am happy today because my computer is still working,  Yahoo!  Although the response time is still a little bit slow, I think it is much better rather than being dead.  Right?  Today is a beautiful day!  I and my friends here in the subdivision had a morning stroll together with their kids.  It was chaos walking together with the bunch of kids but nonetheless it was still fun being with them.  We passed along with one of the gym inside the subdivision and I really like their fitness equipment especially their treadmills.  I suddenly miss workout time when I was still with Intel.  Their gym was fully equipped with all these equipments.  Oh well, those were the days.  Anyway, I can still do my exercise with this bunch of little kids.  Walking with them and running around to catch them will surely make you breathless. LOL!

1 comment:

joy said...

hi sis! sana hindi pa mapabilang yung laptop mo sa computer heaven. or better yet i hope you'll get a new one. wishing you a happy, happy, happy heart's day! in advance na po. :)