Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Sister's Dilemma

I have  unexpected visitor who arrived this morning.  It is actually my youngest sister.  I am not really expecting her to spend her weekend here since its valentine's day tomorrow.  Oh well, I think she don't have a date like me that is why she spend her weekend here.  Anyway, as we were chatting this morning, I noticed that she has adult acne in some part of her face.  I know that it is one of her problem but most of it appear on her back.  I told her to go to dermatologist so that she will have first hand treatment.  She also told me that it is also bothering her and is planning to go to let's face it tomorrow but afraid that there will be lots of people since its valentine's day tomorrow.  My sister is vain in one way or another so I know her feelings right now.  I just hope that she will be able to get a better dermatologist this time.  My dermatologist is already migrated to Canada so she doesn't have a choice but to hop from one dermatologist to another.  Well, I hope this time she will be able to solve her problem.

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