Thursday, February 11, 2010

Please save my LAPTOP from DEAD!

Waaaaaahhhhh!  Save my laptop from this curse!  It's my nth times to shutdown my laptop today.  It's so slow and hang up a lot.  My friend told me to replace it with a new one (I wish!) but how can I do that?

It's been diagnosed already but since this is already an old laptop I know that my laptop will soon be included in the computer's heaven.  I am not ready yet!  I can't accept this fact yet.  I still need this laptop to survive.  This is one main medium for my daily earnings and this also the one helping me see my hon-hon over the net.

Waaaahh, I hope there's some miracle out there!  Spare my laptop from dead.  Well, unless you can give me a brand new one (I wish!).  Oh dear, please! please! please!  You can't die yet. What will I do without laptop??

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