Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talk with a dear friend

I am so glad that Glenda, my friend is already okey.  She undergo a major surgery in her tummy and I am really happy that she is now at her home and taking some time off to heal the wound.  I don't know exactly what happened because we only talked over the phone but what I remember is that she advice me to take colon cleanse products once in awhile for me to avoid that kind of surgery.  I am scared of any kind of surgery so I think I will consider her advice.  She too was really scared with the operation but thankful that it is over already. 

I am planning to visit her one of this days because I really want to understand what happened.  She looks vibrant the last time I seen her and knowing that she undergone surgery was a bit shock for me.  I wanted to visit her in the hospital but then the hospital that she chose was too far as it is located in Tarlac.  And now that I know that she's back to her house, I can't wait but to see her and talk with her in person.  She is one lovely lady and I really care for her.

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