Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Little Guy Surely knows How to Relax!


See how relaxing it is?  I can't help but smile looking at this picture.  This little guy is Samuel and he is my best friend's only son.  He just turns one last February 11 and he is growing too fast.  One of his habits is to watch his morning kiddies' video show and that is what he was doing when this photo has been taking.  I and my friend were both laughing when this picture was taken.  I was talking with her over the internet and the webcam was focused to Samuel.  This little guy surely knew how to relax!  Am I right?  It was as if he was taking advantage of one of those Orlando vacation packages! He just looks so cute and adorable with this photo. My best friend is one proud mama showing off her son. LOL! Oh well, I am one proud godmother of this cute little guy.  I just wish that one day I will be given a chance to see him in person.

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*MrsMartinez* said...

He is so cute and yeah so relaxed lol xoxo