Monday, February 1, 2010

This so called LOVE!

Welcome to the month of love!  Yay!  It's February once again, the second month of the year and the month so full of love.  To people who are inlove (like me), month of February is one of the exciting month to celebrate with especially during valentines day.  The day dedicated for couples and sweethearts.  It is the day when women anticipate what their valentines should look like.  Where there'll be a romantic date?  Will he send me a gift?  A flower? Oh well, I think it is not really the gift but the thought that counts.  It is the feeling that someone making an effort just to make your valentines day special.  This year, I really can't wait to celebrate valentines day.  I know that it will gonna be special because of the very special person in my life.  He might be thousands of miles away but in my heart he will always be so close.
Lovers, don't miss this chance to profess your love to the person you really love.  It will make you feel great and at the same time you will make someone feel special.  I never miss a day to say the magic words to the one I love.  Sometimes it is seems redundant but I don't really care.  I don't want to miss a day without saying what I really feel because I don't want to regret that I never said it.  The feelings of being inlove is the greatest feeling you can ever feel.  Take out the negative emotion and let the love flow in your system.  Never miss a chance to feel this great feelings just because a negative emotion surpass it.  Love should start within your heart and let it flow to your entire system.

I know that there are also many roadblocks you will encounter just to win that so called love, but don't be discourage of that thought, rather make it as a challenge to achieve that very special feelings.  Love is divine, love is unconditional.  Love without no limits and no what if's.  Love should be boarder-less.

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