Sunday, March 14, 2010

Am I Thinking Too Much?

I am getting worried already for not being able to talk with my hon-hon this last few days.  The last time we talked he mentioned about the on-going problems within his workplace.  Although he said that he was alright that time, I know that it was bugging him.  I know how dedicated and passionate he is when it comes to his work and he really feel stressed every time there is a problem with his workplace.  Aside from that, I am also worried about his health.  He can't have too much macanudo just because he is stress.  I know that he only smokes when he feel bad or when he feel too much stress but I am still worried about him.  I hope that he is doing alright and the problems at his workplace has been solved already.  I also hope that he and his mom are doing great. 

I feel so weak today for not being able to talk with him.  Many bad thoughts are lingering in my mind but I pray that he and mom are okey.  Oh, you can't blame me because the last time that he was not able to talk with me was because he got an accident and I was really scared and worry.  I just hope that he is just busy at work and nothing bad really happened.  I really hope and pray.... 


eRLyN said...

lets just pray that whatever it is he is stressing about would end soon enough.

joy said...

don't worry too much sis, i know everything will turn out to be all okay.